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Top 50 independent bands according to Sir Prize

I started my DJ journey in August of 2020, and quickly found my calling with the independent scene. I've always enjoyed the underdog, the lesser known, and the hidden gem. With over 500 bands featured and counting, I thought I'd shout out and about my personal top 50 bands. I decided not to rank them. One day I might like Ankor more, the next, Killakoi. I also recognize that I still have thousands of bands to discover, therefore this list is fluid and could change at any time. This is by no means to imply that any of the other 400+ bands on my YouTube channel or radio station aren't fantastic, talented, and worthy of a listen. I just want to tell you all who my personal favorites are to give you a starting point with which to begin your own journey of discovering these bands yourselves.

Killakoi: This Charlotte, NC based band took some time off this year, only playing a couple of shows and releasing no new singles. However, they have spent their time honing their other talents. from sound, production, videography and photography, among many other ventures, Killakoi has stayed busy in 2023. I am very excited to see what's next for one of my personal top of the top favorites

Ankor: This incredible band based in Spain welcomed a new drummer late last year, and spent this year releasing 3 new singles, playing Wacken Open Air, and playing a couple of tours as well. Eleni Nota has more than proven herself to be a capable and talented replacement for the departed Ra Tache ( a personal favorite of mine.)

Sumo Cyco: This amazing Hamilton, Ontario band also took a bit of time off after a tour early in 2023. They also will be ending the year with a tour, and who knows if we'll get some new music before the year ends? An awesome and talented band you should certainly have on your radar

Mirror Lake: Mirror Lake had their reasons not to release any music in 2022, but they wanted to. 2023 saw the triumphant return of this fantastic Houston, TX based band, with the release of their very first EP. A collection of songs that blew me away, This band is just getting started

nightlife: Baltimore, MD based nightlife has a unique sound. They are some of the most talented artists I've ever featured.

A Light Divided: Tennessee and Winston-Salem, NC

Nova Twins: London, UK

Post Profit: Longview, TX

ENMY: Cincinnati, OH

Set For Tomorrow: Richmond, VA

braveweather: Orlando, FL

Ekoh: Las Vegas, NV

Hello Luna: Columbus, OH

As Everything Unfolds: Buckinghamshire, UK

Oxymorrons: Queens, NY

Sunsleep: Dallas, TX

Gold, Frankensence, and Myrrh: St Johns, FL

Kaleido: Detroit,MI

Trope: Canadian prog band in Hollywood, CA

Eva Under Fire: Detroit,MI

Arrows In Action: Gainsville,FL

Affinity Falls: Houston, TX

Hoity-Toity: Yucaipa,CA

Vukovi: Kilwinning, North Ayrshire, Scotland

Bloodywood: New Delhi

Forever May Fall: Charlotte, NC

The Other LA: originally from Louisiana, now based in Nashville, TN

Chaosbay: Berlin, Germany

Frame 42: Lapeer, MI

Icon For Hire: Decatur,IL

Major Moment: Boston, MA by way of Russia

The Color 8: Phoenix, AZ

Flying Jacob: Although disbanded, this Baltimore based band still has incredible songs you should hear!

Lunatic High: Formed by former members of Flying Jacob, this new band is already one of my favorites

Carpathia: Boston, MA

Spanish Love Songs: L.A. California

Dovecage: Charlotte, NC

Waking Tera: Jacksonville. NC

Widow7: Des Moines, IA

Softspoken: Cincinnati,OH

Emarosa: Lexington, KY

Dinosaurs In Paris: Central PA

Superlove: Bristol, UK

ALT BLK ERA: Nottingham, UK

Stoned Mary: Tampa, FL

pulses. Northern VA

Fox Lake: Denver, CO

Bad Mary: NY, NY

Villain Of The Story: Minneapolis, MN


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